We are currently in the third month of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the effects on the economy have been enormous. 

The big question is – How has the multifamily market been holding up?

With so many people laid off from work, will we see massive defaults on rents?

Watch the replay of our panel discussion on the current state of the multifamily market and the path to recovery. Our esteemed panelists, Norman Radow, Patrick Carroll, and Stephen Rosenberg, are familiar names to many, representing some of the largest owners and lenders in the multifamily space.

Moderated by Bloomberg News Real Estate Reporter Oshrat Carmiel, this event is one of kind.

Topics covered:

  • Rent collection rates in April & May
  • The differences between Coronavirus Pandemic and the 2009 Meltdown
  • What to expect in July, August & beyond
  • Lessons in leadership during crisis

Special thanks to the event sponsor Clik.ai  – a revolutionary software automating financial modeling for investors and lenders.