our story


When I started The Riverside Experience, it was to answer the questions many people in the industry were asking – what is the exact process used by top real estate pros in their real estate investments.
If you are like many in the real estate world, you might be asking yourself, “What things do I need to know to become successful at what I do?” “What are the tricks that top players in the industry use to figure out where to invest and earn great returns?”


and having personally been involved in many complex deals, I paid close attention to how these top investors would approach every deal. Their due diligence, the templates they used, and financing approaches.

In addition, I developed close relationships with some of the most successful names in NYC real estate, and managed to learn from them directly how they approach a good deal. I turned all this information into practical, hands-on programs that just about anyone with a background in real estate can learn to improve their skills and abilities.

In the programs,

we take an actual deal that is currently on the market, and we show you how to evaluate all of its financial aspects. You’ll see how to calculate the income and expenses, the cash flows, and even how to structure the financing.

got it!

What people like most about our programs is the way the information is taught. There’s a lot of give and take and everyone’s questions are given real attention. At a typical session, attendees linger well after the program has finished to speak things over with me and make sure they “got it”.

information that cannot be found in any other course or program

This is information that cannot be found in any other course or program. Most real estate trainings out there are either just reviewing simple concepts, or teaching theoretical models by university professors who are far removed from what’s really happening in the real world.

"get rich quick"

This is not a “get rich quick” system None of long-term successful investors actually got rich quick. Our programs are not padded with unnecessary classes like all those college prereques. We just teach the practical things you NEED for becoming successful at what you do best. ​ Our promise to you is this – by the third week of our program, you will have a solid understanding of how to evaluate the financial aspects of a real estate deal, the Excel templates to do those calculations, and a whole new level of confidence.